Beyond the Bathroom: Know the Services Offered by Your Plumber 

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to calling a plumber is to fix bathroom problems, such as overflowing toilets and broken water heaters. But in reality, plumbers are trained and have the necessary skill to repair various household problems. The following are some of the available services offered by full-service plumber in Derby businesses. 


Toilet Repair 

Toilet overflow is just one of the many problems that toilets have. Other toilet problems that need fixing include clogging and flushing. And almost any plumber can fix these inconveniences.  

Water Heater Services 

Another bathroom shock will be an unbearable cold shower early in the morning. Say goodbye to the cold and welcome the warmth, for many plumbers offer water heater repair and installation services. You can choose between using a tankless water heater and a traditional one. 

Sewer Repair 

Some of the indicators that your sewer lines need repairing are slow draining time, odd noises, and foul smell spreading across your home. If you are experiencing one, two, or all three of these things at once, then calling a plumber to inspect and asses your sewer situation might be a big help. 

Drain Cleaning 

In our everyday lives, we use bathroom and kitchen sinks regularly to various debris from different sources (food, dirt, etc.).  And with their daily use, they eventually get clogged, which needs repairing or cleaning for properly function once again. A capable plumber will know how and what tools to use remove any debris or grime that blocks your drain. 

Leak Repair 

If there’s a leak, there’s a need for a plumber. Plumbers, through their training and experience, know how to appropriately handle leaking and piping problems. From fixing a simple leak in your piping system to a complete repiping  on your home, you can rely on your plumbers for the right solution. 

Plumbing services available in your area depend on what each company or individual has to offer. If you are experiencing multiple plumbing problems at once, you may want to address your concerns first then assess if the plumbing service within reach can offer the appropriate solution. 

And if you are in need of a local plumber in Derby, KS, for your plumbing concerns, then look no further! Here are three of the top-rated plumbers within or near Derby to fix your plumbing troubles. 

A Good Plumber, Inc. 

Founded in July 1998 by Karen Osburn in Derby, KS, A Good Plumber, Inc., provides the following residential and commercial services: tank style water heaters; tankless water heaters; natural and propane gas lines; cleaning and replacing sewer and drain lines; water service repairs and replacements; water, drain, and gas repipes; sump pumps; water powered back-up sump pumps; high pressure water jetting; mobile homes; garbage disposals; water conditioners; osmosis systems; well service; faucets and fixtures; pipe thawing; kitchen and bathroom remodeling; and sprinkler backflow testing. 

Reddi Plumbing 

Established in 1957, Reddi Industries, Inc., and Reddi Plumbing provide low-cost and high-quality plumbing, tank cleaning, electrical, sprinkler system, fencing, carpet cleaning, and lawn care services. It has also a 24/7 service available in the Wichita area. 

Creekmore Plumbing & Heating  

Creekmore Plumbing & Heating was established in 1948 and is one call away for both residential and commercial plumbing needs: bathroom remodeling; backflow preventer installation, repair, and testing; drain cleaning; drain repair and replacement; faucet repair and replacement; garbage disposals; outside faucets; back-up sump pumps; sump pumps; stool repairs; water heater repair and installation; and water repiping.