Indications of a Poor Indoor Air Quality  

A lot of individuals believe that indoor environments are free from any type of contaminants. They think that indoors are safe. However, that isn’t the case. You can’t save yourself from dangerous infections and bacteria just by staying inside your house.  


There are a lot of issues that can happen inside a property and affect the quality of air inside. Protecting the building from possible risks of pollution is a growing concern for office owner, business owner, or homeowner.  

Nowadays, a lot of industrial hygienists, building engineers, and environmentalists recommend the use of different indoor protection and cleaning methods. It can help your property in a lot of ways. Routine air duct cleaning Las Cruces for commercial or office settings can help in keeping people safe from getting sick by keeping regularly a fresh supply of air.  

In addition to that, there are a lot of advantages to keeping the air safe and free from contaminants. The key is to determine the negative impacts on time. The obvious indications of a polluted area can typically be difficult to notice and subtle.  

However, there are a couple of methods to understand if the issue in your property is because of an indoor pollution issue. Today, we are going to share with you some of the most common indications of a property with poor air quality.  

Unpleasant or Foul Smells 

This is the most popular indication that you need to be wary of. Whenever you are checking a property of its environmental standards, it’s extremely crucial to consider a couple of factors. The strongest and very first indication of a polluted environment is the presence of foul odors and smells in a property. Also, this can be extremely hard to judge at first since the smell can be pretty light and subtle in most of the cases. Therefore, it is hard to notice. 

Lowered Focus and Performance 

A space that is polluted can greatly affect the mental alertness and performance of the individuals working inside it. in any commercial, office, or home property, there’s a high possibility that it is caused by different environmental factors if you notice individuals having a hard time with concentration, is always exhausted, and feels fatigued 

People Affected by Several Diseases 

Is every person in the property affected by the same form of illness? Is your family always feeling unwell? Are your employees always taking a day off? Are people always getting sick in your commercial property? 

If you’re working in an office and every person is catching some type of disease every single time, there is a high possibility that there’s something wrong with the ventilation system of your property. You need to opt for air duct cleaning if the signs such as cough, flu, fever, dizziness, and headache are regularly experienced by a lot of individuals in any given atmosphere. A professional duct cleaning can help purify the air duct for cleaner indoor air quality. Make sure you hire a professional air duct company to perform this task.  

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